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HT Recruit
A London Recruitment Agency 

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Making the Industry's Best Matches

At HT Recruit, we provide a custom-made approach to the recruitment process, as a recruitment agency our target is to make the best synergistic matches of candidates and companies alike.

Using our extensive network and team of consultants, we want to connect as much top talent as possible with companies in the UK and Europe. It does not matter to us whether you are a job seeker looking for that great opportunity to work in a great company or a company looking for that talented individual, The aim is to fulfill those expectations on both sides.

Our team of dedicated recruitment consultants will search out possible candidates and thoroughly analyse suitable CVs and candidate profiles to ensure we get as close as possible to a seamless match.

To ensure that we provide you with the best experience, are you an employer or job seeker?

Why HT Recruit?

At HT Recruit we are a London based professional recruitment agency, providing best-in-class recruitment solutions from our London offices, our team of consultants cover London, the home regions, Birmingham, Manchester, and Europe.

That’s why at HT Recruit, we do understand and know that recruitment of new staff especially in today's market is not an easy task to do well. It does require a lot of dedication in the search, hard work, and effective communication.

Using our value proposition as the foundation of our recruitment search strategy, and our new software program, which is now installed, we can optimize the recruitment process more effectively. Our new software program and system are designed to help improve the selection process, at the same time enhancing the value proposition we are looking to provide you in the candidate selection process.
By using HT Recruit recruitment agency we want to reduce the time and effort associated with recruitment and add more value.

Our experienced recruitment team will handle the entire recruitment process from the get-go if required, from sourcing prospective CVs to marketing the job vacancy, handling the interviews whilst employing a range of tools to help with the onboarding process, which means that we can either be working with your current HR team or we can become your extended outsourced HR team. Which leaves you free to focus on the running of your company's day to day duties. We also offer after-hours support to new people joining your company to ensure that all new employees are satisfied with their new positions.

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"Just wanted to say thank you James for being patient with me when you helped me get the Accountancy role, I know that I was not the easiest person to deal with. I do appreciate the work you did Thank you"

Christine Wan

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