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Recruitment Agency interviews

5 Tips for Candidates when in an interview situation with a Company or Recruitment Agency.

Successful interview tips when you the candidate are in the recruitment process

The first point: Read the job description properly! this crucial because so many potential candidate treat this part of the process recklessly. I get it your desperate for that meaningful job, so you get your laptop out and apply for that role without reading properly its content in its entirety. Or worse you have read just the headline and the qualifications required to fulfil the role.

With no idea where the job is located, what its fully asking you to do. When you are fully prepared you have a better chance of moving forward within the recruitment process.

Be Prepared, Read the job description.

The second crucial point: That must be considered when having your interview with the prospective hiring manager or recruiter.

Sound confident, be composed and self-assured. There are very good reasons why they are contacting you for an interview. Your Curriculum vitae would have impressed them in the first place for the hiring manager of a company or recruitment agency representative to contact you. Sounding weak willed, or even in a begging mode will not cut it, because of your lack of composer or posture on the phone, or on a face-to-face invite, might make them think again. A good CV only gets you through the front door.Remember it is a company interview or a Recruitment Agency interview

The third point: Is always be prepared to ask engaging questions, remember there are two interviews happening at the same time, because as the interviewer is interviewing you, you are also interviewing them. It is always a two-way situation.

The fourth point: Dress appropriately for the interview this is especially true if your interview is a face to face one or via a video interview link. If your interview is on the telephone, the message is clear when on the phone you need to just relax. Remember that people make judgements based on what they see and what they hear, not being appropriately dressed on a video or face to face situation can lower your value in the interviewers’ eyes, as well as sounding harsh on the telephone will not help at this point. Remember the first 30 seconds determine whether they want to take you to the next interview stage.

The fifth point: Is important at this stage. Always be true to yourself, don’t try to be something that you are not because it never works and most of the time it always feel wrong.

Lady looking at her Laptop on a table

Always be prepared when condusting that interview, There is an old saying If it is to be then it is up to me.

Blog by James Davies Lead recruiter at HT Recruit

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