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Using social media in your recruitment agency

Why I Recommend Using social media to results in recruitment.

You probably think that social media is here for the fun of it, or its just for entertainment purposes. Lets be frank here many people use social media for what it started out as tool to enlighten friends, family and the public in general about what we are getting up to. with photos and comments full of entertaining content and we think to ourselves that social media can’t possibly be used for Professional recruitment services. after all using social media in your recruitment agency for most of the older generation schooled on direct marketing techniques are not not easily persuaded of social media merits – but if you think in this manner you would be thinking wrong. The media growth rates on social media is truely surprising and it is one of the fastest growing media outlets, and its a weapon of choice for the majority of savvy business people. If your marketing a role that is senior position. Facebook or LinkedIn is the go to place. But if you looking for someone who is under 25 then Tik Tok is go to place because the demographics shows that the under 25 years prefer this medium more than others.

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Closing Thought

In short consider your options and use all avenues to get an advantage over your competition.

Don't just trust that one way is the only way, explore different different options and maximise your efforts to reach your goals


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