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Why The Recruitment of Good Salespeople for a Recruitment Agency is Important

A recruitment Agency is in reality a sales organisation, the goal of any recruitment agency is to win clients business , place candidates and get compensated for it.

Every agency is unique and has its own style in generating and maintaining business.

In my opinion there are root causes for failure in the sales field of recruitment. This is not an exhaustive list but it’s a starting point to think about when developing and hiring of sales staff.

  • Inefficient prospecting, which leads ultimately to the failure to generate new business.

  • Inconsistent time management of clients and candidates alike. The Poor use of current technologies, like having a good CRM system, social media, and other technologies.

  • Inaccurate sales forecasting, expecting the potential recruiter to do more and completing less.

  • A Strong mindset is required in this industry, in fact it is a must, the recruiter salesperson must be self-motivated.

As a recruiter there is a need to control the narrative otherwise it means fewer wins for the recruitment agency, which in turn leads to lost revenue, and a drop in moral, which is critical to a recruiter’s success as well as the recruitment agency that this recruiter works for.

As a recruiter, you want to help your agency win every winnable opportunity presented.

So, the question becomes how do you motivate yourself to succeed in a very grown-up arena to win business?

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The first thing is to understand what motivates you, know the reasons why you’re working in this space. Work with the right technologies and think outside of the norm.

It has been suggested that over 40% of recruiters continuously fail to meet their KPI’s (Key performance indicators). One of the reasons is when the recruiters are in the new business phase, they meet with resistance. In many companies today experience 3 to 5 sales calls from recruitment agencies looking to bag them as clients, every single business day. Hence the reason why a strong mindset is paramount to the recruiter’s success.

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In conclusion

This is why the recruitment of good salespeople for a recruitment agency is important

For recruitment Agencies, finding the right person with the right temperament and talent is essential, and will be the fundamental difference between success and failure. This why the hiring manager for the recruitment agency needs to get the structure right and have the right support system place.

Ultimately winning new business is the most important aspect for achieving strong profitability revenues, which ultimately allows the recruiter salesperson to keep their moral up and remain competitive, whilst developing that winning mindset.

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winston foster
winston foster
May 11, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Sales people are the life blood of any business. In particular, the recruitment sector are heavily reliant of their sales force. I do think that the training and mindset of the sales person is a crucial factor in performance outcome. With a well trained and disciplined sales regiment the recruitment business has a much better chance of winning over new or potential clients.


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