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Employers, why not contact us today to register your open job vacancy, let us discuss with you what your recruitment needs are, as well as the type of personnel you want to recruit. We can then have a full discussion to see how best we can support you and meet your recruitment goals.

Replacement Hire of an Employee

When a company take on an employee that has been recommended from HT Recruit, and that hired person does not work out for any reason , there is no quibbling from us as to why the said employee has left their post. We will look to replace them.

Most employers know too well the impact of a poor decision that was made when it comes to hiring staff. The financial impact can be a hit on the company of up to 3 times base salary and in some cases the financial penalty can be higher.

Given the financial intelligence involved, many companies like the idea of proactively managing the process, but sometimes even with the best will in the world it does not stop a person from not working out in any given business.

The guarantee of service

This is why we will add a replacement package that will continue for up to 12 months from the employee starting with the company. Without it affecting any rebates that is due to a company during the probation period.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Many employers are beginning to recognise the importance of having diversity within their workforce.

When companies recruit a range of professional people from different backgrounds, employers are finding that the results are good from a performance point of view. Companies that have more diversity within their ranks tend to outperform those that have little to no diversity within their workforce.

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Industries we work with

Accounting, IT and Finance

Are you an employer who is currently searching for a good recruitment company to provide you with good candidates to fill your open job vacancies in the UK.and Europe. Then look no further than HT Recruit as your recruitment agency of choice.

working in the following areas:
Accountancy, Finance and IT
Our mission is to be recognised by our clients as the leading specialist recruitment consultancy within these industry sectors.

Sales and Marketing

This is one of the sectors in which the market has evolved over time.
The sales and marketing sector is very fast paced and is ever evolving.

As a recruitment company and job agency,

We know how difficult the job market of sales can truly be. That is why our team of consultants at HT Recruit do everything in their power to take the pressure off. Our aim is to specialise and hone our resources when recruiting candidates for sales and marketing positions.

HR and Administration

At HT Recruit we focus on sourcing best-in-class candidates for rewarding positions in the United Kingdom.

Hiring good HR and Admin people is key to   a business success.

The majority of employers today know and understand the value of good HR professionals. Lets see how our agency can help you find those great professionals in the current market place today.

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Our services are covering Temporary, Contract and Permanent staffing solutions, whether you are an SME or Enterprise, HT Recruit will look to bring that talented and passionate professional to your business.

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