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  • Are recruitment agencies in the UK regulated?
    All recruitment agencies are regulated under the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003. Many recruitment agencies adhere to other regulatory bodies such as REC, APSco, or the British Institute of Recruiters, there are many others, but these are the more prevalent ones. An agency such as ours does belong to one of the mentioned governing bodies. There are other regulating bodies that will depend on the type of recruitment an agency specialises in.
  • This is the first time we are using an Agency, How will it work for us?
    To start the process go straight to When you are on the employer's page on this site at the bottom of the page is where you put your contact information and submit your details, one of our consultants, will contact you to discuss what you are looking for and how many people you would like us to search for in greater detail. We always take the time to get to know our company clients' business needs this will involve telephone conversations, video, or face-to-face visits, the idea is to get a good sense of the company culture. Naturally also the skill set of the applicant you require, plus the type of personality you currently have working for your organization. We like to train all of our consultants to be familiar with the technologies they recruit for. So, you can be confident that they understand the role and can target the right candidates for your final selection. We will supply you with an agreed number of candidates for your vacancy or hire required. Sometimes this can be done within an agreed time frame, however, if this is not achieved we can assure you that we will continue working on the role until the right hire is achieved. We prefer to always interview and reference-check all candidates before submitting their CVs to you. I am sure that your company and we as a recruitment agency want respectful and committed applicants, who want to engage and sustain a committed position in any given company.
  • What are your Fees for the service?
    The fees we charge for a search and recruitment service depend upon the position, the experience, and the skillsets of the potential applicant required. Which will directly affect the costs involved. This can be discussed when you are speaking with one of our consultants. to find out more contact us today.
  • What are the sectors your recruitment agency works in?
    The main Sectors this agency operates in are: 1. Sales and Marketing. 2 . IT and the various specialties of this sector, which would include the following examples but are not restricted to (Citrix engineers, Flutter Developers, Data Architects, Lead QA analysts), etc. 3. Accountancy and Finance. 4. HR and Admin.
  • Do you recruit Internationally?
    Yes, we do recruit internationally, although this mainly occurs in the UK and Europe. If you have a job role, you would like us to help you recruit for. Whether it position is a permanent or a contract position, all prospective applicants will go through the same process we have in place at HT Recruit.
  • Not sure what I want how do I get in touch?
    You can do this in several ways 1. Visit the website and fill in your details on the Contact Us page 2. send an email to 3. You can telephone our business line at +44 203950 4665
  • How do I apply for a Role?
    You can apply for a role in several ways, when you see a role that appeals to you, visit our job search page and apply directly. You could also call us on the telephone and have a discussion with one of our consultants. Or when you see a position on one of the job boards we use, approach us or just send an email as another way of approaching us.
  • Will HT Recruit send my CV to clients without contacting me?
    No! This is not our style we know that there are many agencies that practice this tactic. We would want to screen you first because A) You may not want the position which could be to pay or work conditions. B) the clients’ criteria may not be a match.
  • How do you represent me or work for me as a Job seeker?
    HT Recruit is a recruitment agency whose aim is to match candidates and companies together for suitable positions. Our consultants would generally conduct intelligent searches and then engage you the candidate through qualification screening checks of your CV. Once the pre-screening process has started, we follow through with a telephone conversation or an in-depth interview which could be performed via the telephone, video link, or face-to-face. This does depend on what instructions the client has asked us to perform for them. HT Recruit in carrying out its duties as a recruitment agency, it is our duty to promote the best aspects of the role to you, as well as promoting the client to you. We will always strive to put the most suitable person for the position forward, however, at this agency, we would always encourage prospective candidates to conduct their own searches when seeking a new role. However will only advise this if we know that we do not have a suitable role for you to pursue or to be put forward by us.
  • How long can the hiring process take?
    This all depends on the position and the company. Every company has its own process which can range from one interview to several interviews involving telephone, video, and face-to-face communication. This means that in some cases an interview process can drag on for weeks. This generally applies to permanent positions and is rare for contract roles, which tend to have a faster hiring process. When a candidate is going through the process of applying for a position our consultants will aim to give and keep the prospective applicant up to date as to the progress of their application.
  • Do you charge a fee for using this service?
    No! A job seeker who is using HT Recruit recruitment service is never charged a fee for any advice, assistance, or for the recruitment service we provide. Fees are only charged to our clients and never to the named job seeker, applicant, or candidate.
  • What type of areas do you recruit in and what type of sectors are these roles in?
    The main areas that this agency recruits for are permanent, and contract positions, which may involve remote working opportunities across these sectors, Sales and Marketing, and a range of IT disciplines. Accountancy and Finance, HR and Administration.
  • I applied for a position but nobody has been in touch with me?
    At HT Recruit Recruitment Agency, we always strive to keep you the job seeker updated with the progress of your application, we do aim to maintain a high standard of communication for all. However, should this break down at any time we would hope that you would get in touch and ask what has happened to your application. Our consultants work very hard to review and select prospective candidates for the different levels of job opportunities we have on our system.

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