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How Your Work Culture Can Make or Break Your Business

Finding the best employees. The working culture of any business is the team that you have and their committment to the business, This is the most important part of your business. Having a good team that buys into the culture of the said enterprise, which can make or break your company's success. When things are going well, you and the team will feel energized and inspired to produce more success. However, when things are tough, business is quiet, The order book is not bursting with potential customers to engage in your services, then you and your team need to stay motivated, to keep pushing through the dark period of the business—that's when culture comes into play. So what does a great work culture look like? Here's how to start building culture in your office or business space:

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Coworking spaces

Having worked with several coworking spaces over the years, including places like WeWork and various different offices space services that have a Co working environment. My favorite thing about coworking spaces is how they bring together like-minded individuals so we can learn from each other in person instead of via email or phone calls only.

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Having the right culture.

Culture is the way you work. It's what makes an organization unique, and it's what brings people together. Culture is what helps to define how your company operates and contributes to its success--or lack thereof.

Having the right culture can be a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting top talent and keeping them engaged at work, but having the wrong one can be detrimental in many ways:

  • You'll struggle with employee retention (and therefore productivity) because employees will feel disrespected or undervalued by management decisions or policies that are out-of-sync with their personal values.

  • You may have trouble attracting new hires who want to align themselves with something that you and they want to believe in.

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Finding the best employees.

When you are looking for the right people to join your company and be a strong member of your team, it's important to consider what kind of culture you want to create and how that will affect hiring decisions.

Hiring someone who is a good fit for the company culture, creating excellent company dynamics will help the exployees to be successful and contribute to the overall goal, of making sure everyone feels included in their roles at work. For example, if there are certain values or traits that are expected from employees (e.g., being friendly, enthusiastic, skilled and committed), then it makes sense to hire people who already possess those qualities instead of trying to teach them later on to fit into the company ethos.

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When you are struggling, check your work culture.

When you are struggling within your business, check your work culture and ethos. When you have a problem with something or someone in your business, look at the culture, their ethos and committement and everything that surrounds your business. There are lots of things that can go wrong in a company: poor marketing strategy, bad hiring decisions, misaligned values and priorities--the list goes on and on. But there's one thing that can ruin everything: poor work culture. When employees don't feel valued or appreciated by their leaders or coworkers, they start looking for other jobs--and they take the best ideas with them when they leave!


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The culture of your company is one of the most important factors in determining its success. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of running a business, but if you don't take time out to look at how your employees are working together and whether or not they're aligned with each other, then it could lead to disaster. You may think that everyone has their heads down on their work and nothing could go wrong--but trust me, when I say that there will always be something!

Thats How Your Work Culture Can Make or Break Your Business

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